Special Needs Activity Program (SNAP)

Join us for Ten funfilled mornings with enriching programming to support personal growth, comradery, creativity for families, friends, children and youth with special needs.
All Saturday sessions begin 10 AM, end at Noon
Healdsburg Community Center
1557 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg

SNAP Schedule 2018

Jan 13-
Music and Dance
Jan 20-
Arts & Crafts
Jan 27-
Gymnastics and Yoga
Feb 3-
Music and Dance
Feb 10-
Arts & Crafts
Feb 17-
Gymnastics and Yoga
Feb 24-
Music and Dance
Mar 3-
Arts & Crafts
Mar 10-
Gymnastics and Yoga
Mar 17-
Music and Dance
Mar 24-
Mar 31-
Spring Break
April 7-June 1-
Wonder League Baseball

In partnership with the Department of Parks & Recreation, City of Healdsburg

“The Beat Goes On”


Healdsburg Foss Creek Community Center- 1557 Healdsburg Avenue
  • Group Drumming- Master percussionist, Tacuma King, brings a variety of drums for kids of all different levels of abilities to focus on healthy rhythms and fun.
  • Dance and Music Appreciation- A variety of dance, body movement exercises and music making to improve motor skills and expressions of joy and emotion.

Express Yourself Through Art!

Join us for two hours filled with enriching programs to support personal growth, comradery & creativity for families & friends and children & youth with special needs.

  • Children and youth will express themselves through a variety of arts and crafts activities and mediums. They will work collaboratively with a buddy/companion from local schools and service organizations.
  • Exhibitions of creative & engaging activities, presentations from local resources & services, and opportunities for connecting with other parents will continue throughout the day.
  • We will wrap up with refreshments and joyful recognition of participants
  • Open to children & youth with special needs, aged 4-22, all participants must be accompanied by a parent
  • Programming will be supervised by recreation and special education professionals as well as volunteers from the local rotary club.
  • Siblings & friends are welcome to participate, if registered.

My Gym Time: Day of Fun-Time Movement

Opening Circle Activity:
  • Welcoming Song to greet each participant.
  • Orientation of the 4-week program and specific “My Gym” activities.
Attendance of parents is required with refreshments and presentations of service resources and activity ideas for parents of special needs kids along with an opportunity for socializing and discussing common themes and challenges for parents.
SNAP program is supervised by recreation and special education professionals as well as volunteers from the local Rotary Clubs.
SNAP Buddy for each child from the local Windsor schools and service organizations.
Participants rotate through Six Fun Activity Centers including:
  • Yoga Stretching
  • Zumba (body exercise to music)
  • Exercise Equipment in the Weight Room
  • Physical/Accuracy Games involving catching, throwing, and flexibility
  • Build a Healthy Snack with Healthy Food Choices
Closing Circle Activity:
  • Closing Song where each participant calls out a favorite activity from the day
  • Preview of the upcoming SNAP Activity Days.

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